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UpdraftCentral, our dashboard for managing multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard, in both self-hosted and SaaS versions, has had a new release.

This new release adds a new feature requested by users – the ability to sort the displayed order of your sites. This is done by a simple drag-and-drop.

Last time also saw the release of a very useful “mass updates” feature. This release now sees a number of fixes to various corner-cases based on feedback, making this very useful feature much more robust.

A number of other small tweaks and fixes have been applied. The update is now live on our hosted version, and for self-hosted users should be available in your WordPress dashboard “updates” page.

Not yet tried out UpdraftCentral? You can start instantly on our hosted version, here.

And in case you’ve not yet seen WP-Optimize, our newest product for easier and more secure WordPress logins: go here to see what you’re missing (but note that if you’re on iOS and your WP website is behind an extra layer of HTTP password protection or has non-default permalinks, then we don’t expect Apple to have approved the new app release that supports those cases for another 24 hours or so from when this blog is posted! For Android, that’s already live).

The full UpdraftCentral changelog since the last release is as follows:

  • Fix: Adding to queue (not working) when updates failed to pull information from
  • Fix: Fix issue whereby cancelling a filesystem credentials dialog left the UI locked until reload
  • Fix: Handle apparently-but-not-really available updates (e.g. Affiliates-WP when not licensed)
  • Fix: The “select all” button for mass updates
  • Tweak: With mass updates, do not abort the whole queue when one fails
  • Tweak: When a consumer attempts to send non-serializable data over the network, log more in the console
  • Tweak: Prevent Tether message in JS console, via including it
  • Tweak: More feedback in UI on backup progress
  • Tweak: Prevent JS console error messages regarding to the Sanitizer
  • Tweak: Not opening new window or tab when clicking links on mass updates panel
  • Tweak: Adjust timeout on updates request
  • Tweak: Marked as compatible with WordPress 4.8
  • Tweak: Add website description to error dialog
  • Tweak: Stop the TwentySeventeen theme from hiding site’s menus
  • Tweak: Removed legacy CSS vendor prefixes

David Anderson, lead developer

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